Understanding  Psikolgi is  as  the study  of  human  behavior and the mind  scientifically  related to all aspects of life. The word psychology comes from the Greek word, two words are Psychology, which is a combination  of two words. That psyhe and logos. Psyhe word meaning soul and logos have means science. So if you combined the word psychology means the science of life.

  The word comes from the soul psyhe an object that is very difficult to describe. This is because of the nature of the mind itself is a very abstract and has no form. However, the existence of the soul is a thing that has been believed to exist. For now use the word soul to psychology was on leave and replaced with the word pisikis.

  human behavior is any activity undertaken by humans, either directly observable, such as walking, writing, sitting, talking and so on, or which can not be observed directly, such as thinking and motivation.

  behavior or actions have a broad understanding of all. That includes not only motor activity just like talking, walking, running and moving. but also discusses a variety of functions such as seeing, hearing, remembering, thinking, emotions, appearance role in the form of tears .

   Pisikologi has many branches of science. Psychology also learn about learning and memory, sensation and perception, motivation and emotion, ways of thinking and mastery of language, personality and social behavior, intelligence, development of infants and toddlers, mentally, and spiritually.


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